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Archived EVV News

EVV Tool Kit - Module 10: EVV Visit Transaction Validation Enhancements

EVV Tool Kit - Module 9: EVV Portal Standard Reports and Search Tools

EVV Tool Kit - Module 8: Submitting an EVV Claim

EVV Tool Kit - Module 7: EVV Aggregator and EVV Portal

EVV Tool Kit - Module 6: EVV Process Flow

EVV Tool Kit - Module 5: EVV Visit Maintenance

EVV Tool Kit - Module 4: EVV Visit Transactions

EVV Tool Kit - Module 3: EVV Roles and Responsibilities Part 2 of 2

EVV Tool Kit Alert-Module Three: EVV Roles and Responsibilities

EVV Tool Kit - Module 2: EVV Roles and Responsibilities, Part 1 of 2

EVV Tool Kit Alert - Module One: An Introduction to EVV

EVV Tool Kit - Module 1: An Introduction to EVV

Proprietary EVV System Survey for Providers v2.0 11.05.18

Access to Medsys Data v4.0 11.02.18

Information Notice - Potential Evaluation of Increasing EVV Vendor Pool

Final Reminder to Transitioning EVV Providers

Reminder to EVV Providers Transitioning to DataLogic

Reminder to EVV Providers Transitioning to Datalogic Final

21st Century Cure Act and EVV

Reminder to EVV Providers Transitioning to Datalogic

EVV Visit Maintenance Unlock Request Spreadsheet

EVV Providers Transitioning to DataLogic

Notice of Billing Policy Changes to Providers Required to Use EVV - Effective September 01, 2019

Transitioning Providers: EVV Claims May Be Denied or Recouped

EVV Revises Unallowable Phone ID and Recoupment Policy

MEDsys Providers – Key Dates, Transition Instructions and FAQ's

EVV Update - Failed to Export Report

Electronic Authorization Pilot

Revision to MEDsys-Issued Small Alternative Devices Return Policy

Visit Maintenance Reduction Solutions - Effective July 1, 2018

Temporary Reduction In Minimum EVV Compliance - Effective June 1, 2018

MEDsys Providers Must Initiate Transition to DataLogic

Small Alternative Device Zip Tie Policy Change - Effective June 1, 2018

Update: Temporary Reduction in Minimum EVV Compliance Score Requirement Visit Dates Have Changed - Effective June 1, 2018

Toll Free Numbers and SADs

News for Providers Transitioning To DataLogic Vesta

Order Small Alternative Devices

Transition Timeline

Tour of Texas Information

HHSC’s MEDsys Contract Expires

EVV Unallowable Phone Identification and Recoupment Policy

EVV Roadshow Oct-Dec 2017

Small Alternative Devices

Provider Fraud Notice v 101617

Provider Stake Holder Meetings

EVV and Hurricane Harvey News

Portal Benefits and User Guide

Reason Code 305 Free Text Requirement Revision

Historical FAQ's, EVV FAQ's

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