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Member Benefits

STAR Kids offers many benefits:

  • Choice of doctors
  • Regular checkups and office visits
  • Medical Specialists
  • Dentist visits, cleanings, and fillings (under the age of 21)
  • Eye exams and glasses
  • Choice of doctors, regular checkups, and office visits
  • Prescription drugs and medical supplies
  • Access to medical specialists and mental health care
  • Hospital care and services
  • X-rays, and lab tests
  • Treatment of special health needs
  • Treatment of pre-existing conditions
  • Services for pregnant moms
  • Personal Care Services (PCS)
  • Private Duty Nursing (PDN)
  • Community First Choice (CFC)
  • Durable Medical Equipment

Cook Children's Health Plan members receive additional free benefits:

  • 24/7 Nurse Advice Line
  • Obesity reduction benefit
  • School and sports physicals
  • Prepared childbirth classes
  • Boys and Girls Club membership
  • Temporary phone help for pregnant members
  • Smoking cessation
  • Respite care
  • Additional vision benefit
  • Special Health Needs Camps
  • Gift Card program

Call our Customer Care Department at 1-844-843-0004 for more information about these extra services.

Medical Transportation Program

As of April 16, 2012 there is a new company for our area, LogistiCare.

If you need a ride to a doctor's appointment, LogistiCare provides Medicaid-eligible members a cost-effective means of transportation.

  • Call LogistiCare if you need a ride to your doctor.
  • Contact them at least 48 hours before your doctor visit.
  • If you are under 18 you may need to travel with an adult.

Ride Setup, Reservations: 1-855-687-3255 (toll free), Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Ride Assist, Complaints: 1-877-564-9832 (toll free), 24/7
TTY: 1-866-288-3133 (toll free), 24/7

Texas Health Steps (THSteps)

Texas Health Steps (THSteps) is a Medicaid program that provides free medical and dental checkups to infants, children, teens and young adults up to the age of 21.

It is very important that you keep all your appointments so that your child can stay healthy.

Services offered by THSteps are:

  • medical and dental check-ups
  • medical check-ups that include eye and hearing screenings
  • lab tests and shots
  • case management for children with special health needs
  • new eyeglasses and repair or replacement if lost or broken
  • prescriptions
  • hearing aids and repair and replacement

Your Medicaid Identification form will show when your child is due for a medical and dental checkup. Cook Children's Health Plan Outreach may also call you to remind you when it is time for a checkup.

If you need assistance in scheduling an appointment for a THSteps check-up call 1-800-967-2247 and ask for the OUTREACH department. They can answer questions and help you set up an appointment.

Migrant Farm Workers

Cook Children's Health Plan would like to help any member that's family is a migrant worker. You can get your THSteps checkup before it is due if you are leaving the area for work. Please let us know if you are a migrant farm worker family.

A migrant worker is a person who works on farms, in fields, or as a food packer during certain times of the year. Migrant workers move to different places to follow the crops.

CCHP can also help you get the health care services you need. Please call our Customer Care Department at 1-844-843-0004 for help with these benefits.